Go4MUN Celebrates United Nations 75th Anniversary

UN 75

  1. • Tackling issues such as the climate crisis, inequality, new patterns of violence and the major changes we are seeing in population and technology in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - our shared vision for the future - will require cooperation across borders, sectors and generations.

    But just when we need collective action more than ever, support for global cooperation is flagging. In many countries, public trust in traditional institutions is in decline and relations between countries are under strain. Dialogue – and action – on global issues could not be more urgent. Through these conversations, the UN aims to build a global vision of 2045 – its centenary, increase understanding of the threats to that future, and support enhanced international cooperation to realise that vision.

  2. • From January 2020, the UN75 campaign will initiate dialogues in all settings – from classrooms to boardrooms, parliaments to village halls. The aim is to reach as many people as possible: to listen to their hopes and fears; and learn from their ideas and experiences. Anybody can join the global conversation - physically or online, individually or as a group, in every region of the world.

  3. Go4MUN Organizes mega MUN conferences from March to September, 2020, in India and in other coutnries. Visit soon to know about more information regarding this.

Go4MUN International Model United Nations Conference


  1. • The results for the Round 1 is announced. Please Click here to view. If you cannot find your name in the result list, kindly contact us. We will be glad to help.
  2. • Students who have registered for the Round 1, kindly do register for the Round 2 also to choose their committee and country preference on the registration page. Please do refer to the Regional Conference Committee’s and their agendas.
  3. • Every student who has registered for the Round 1 is eligible to participate and register for the Round 2, the winners of the Round 1 will not have to pay any delegate fees for the Regional Conference.
  4. • If you haven’t participated in the Round 1 and eager to participate in the Regional Conference, than you will have to pay the full registration fees kindly do send us a mail to coordinator@go4mun.com. We will try helping you.
  5. • If you are the want to avail the accommodation for the regional conference you will have to pay for it. The amount to be paid for the Regional Conference is Rs.1500 ( Delegate Fees) and accommodation is Rs.3000(If you are availing it)
  6. • Kindly register and pay in our website itself before the deadlines are closed.
  7. • The Regional Conference will be conducted in three phases at Chennai, Coimbatore and Nagercoil in the consecutive months. You have an option to participate in any one of the Phase of selections. Kindly give your option while registering.
  8. • Parents/Teachers accompanying the participant can register and pay the accommodation fees by clicking this link.

MUN Win a Free Trip to USA

Please do not wait till the last date to submit your Round 1- Position papers. Send it to us at the earliest so that our review committee can evaluate your position papers and announce the results. Following which we will allocate you the country and committee so that you have sufficient time to prepare for your Round 2 - Regional Model United Nations Conference.

Go4MUN - Regional Conference in Chennai - Joshitha

Go4MUN - Regional Conference in Chennai - Prince Raj

Go4MUN - Regional Conference in Chennai - Dhanya

MUN - Introduction

Position Paper - What is Position Paper?

Participation - How to Participate in MUN?

About MUN

What is MUN

It is an academic simulation of the United Nations (UN) designed to help students in understanding diplomacy, international relations and working of the UN itself. The students will be assigned a particular country and committee and they will have to roleplay as that particular delegate in the particular committee. There are certain agendas that will be discussed in the council.The end result is to find a solution...
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Why Should You Participate In MUN?

Public Speaking Skills

* Not any normal Public Speaking skill, student will have to role play as an ambassador, envoy and delegates, which means they are learning the highest level of public speaking efficiencies that there is.

* And also, the highest level of rules and regulation ...
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Personal Learnings

It is a great platform to mold the students skills like:

  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Work
  • Leadership

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About GoMUN by Go4Guru

Go4MUN is a subsidiary company, which was created under the Go4Guru conglomerate to develop the interest of Model United Nations among the students. It conducts various activities to ensure that the students are aware of the MUN concepts. It conducts competition like best position paper, Regional and International MUN conferences. It aims to take the best - performing students to United Nations, New York at free of cost and provide the deserving students scholarship for their undergraduate study at Florida Institute of Technology, USA.

Go4Guru Inc. is an American Multinational conglomerate headquartered in Virginia, who are experienced in organizing NASA educational tour for worldwide students and conducting Educational Development Programs(EDP) for School students. Repeated clients and positive feedback from students, parents, and schools are the evidence of Go4Guru services.
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See What Our Participants Are Saying?

Good feedback is the key to improvement and we value our participant’s feedback to develop us.

"It has been my dream to visit the United Nations for a long time, now I have a wonderful opportunity for it. I ensure that I will try my best to win in all the rounds."

- Imran, Student

"The orientation offered to us was very useful to understand about the UN and the ROP of the MUN. It was elegantly and eloquently delivered by the trainer"

- Devi, Teacher Coordinator

Glimpses of Recent Events by Go4Guru

We offer Model United Nations training and orientation for the students through the school.

Gateway IB

Participants from Gateway IB School

Chinmaya Vidyalaya

Participants from Chinmaya Vidyalaya

The Pupil Saveetha Eco School

The Pupil Saveetha Eco School

The Pupil Saveetha Eco School

The Pupil Saveetha Eco School

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